Client Results

Joy’s coaching approach was personal, empathetic, insightful and eye-opening.  She challenged me with new ideas and techniques.  She supported me in taking risks.  She shared successes, kept me accountable and helped me understand the difference between winning and succeeding.  Her coaching is relevant, actionable and rewarding to me personally and professionally.

— Corporate Real Estate Leader


Joy’s coaching has made me a better leader for my team, as well as helping me realize professional and personal goals. She is insightful and caring, challenging me appropriately to break out of longstanding habits that have served me well but no longer are productive or valuable. And as a result, she’s helped me to start building new ways of working with my team that are producing great results and deeper satisfaction for all.

As part of my coaching, I invited Joy into my senior leadership team retreat—to gain insights into how I can better manage this group for success, and to help each of my team members to start looking at themselves differently. Many are new leaders, and all are having to work differently than they did before. The session has had the desired impact for all of us, allowing us to connect with each other in new ways that offer greater collaboration and mutual support.

Finally, Joy is just a delight—she’s super smart and funny, with a deep humanity. I find myself emulating her approach in many ways—I didn’t expect to find a role model at this stage of my career, but there she is, and she’s terrific.

- Stuart I. Graff, President & CEO

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Lead-Fully is committed to developing leaders with a global mindset which supports cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

Working with Joy during a professional and personal transition period was helpful in many unexpected ways. Her ability to work along with me in clarifying and articulating the unique challenges I faced allowed us to develop a game plan and address specific hurdles that were limiting my growth and success. Joy’s extensive experience in professional and personal leadership development allowed her to draw upon a set of tools and exercises that served to break down the larger and more daunting challenges I faced. Looking back, I realize how well Joy was able to understand my personal challenge through listening and really spending time getting to know the details of the situation and circumstances. This attention to detail and patience proved invaluable in developing a trust between us from which to build. 

With an initial focus on a career pivot and a goal of becoming a stronger, more resilient professional, our time together led to a deeper personal self awareness and growth mindset that I continue to benefit from in all areas of my life. I still call upon some of the tools we explored to help maintain my course towards more strength and resilience.  

— Andrew B., Global Entrepreneur 

Joy’s real talent is helping you be a better version of yourself. To raise your game. It’s all there inside us; we just need a little guidance, structure and discipline sometimes. It has been a pleasure charting and traveling a path to more effective leadership with Joy as a coach. Her insights and positive energy guided and motivated me to discover and develop new dimensions in myself. Joy’s warmth, passion and sincerity have made the process – one that is ongoing – a true pleasure. It has been a delight working with her.

— Robert Courtney


Being coached by Joy has been one of the greatest growth experiences I have ever had. 

I was able to immediately establish a trusting relationship with her which helped me to open up and become receptive to new points of view and to experience a fuller heart and mind. I was able to become more self aware of my old habits which no longer served me and be willing to evolve with new habits which have supported my growth. Joy helped me through the darkest moments of my professional career.  She guided me into a more positive mindset that helped me overcome this difficult time. She taught me how to stay calm and focus on the important things; and how to bring my team along with me.

When I looked back to the point where we started working together, I can proudly say that today I am a totally different person, professionally and personally. I am a better leader and feel ready for any future challenges that might come my way. 

- Marketing Manager, Financial Services