The Coaching Process

Let’s begin with the end in mind!

You increase your self-awareness (the #1 predictor of executive success) and your ability to become more nimble, more adaptive.

You begin to create new habits which serve you and others much more in this new world of leadership.

You begin to grow new ‘leadership muscles’ that aren’t always about jumping into the fray and getting things done! You have the opportunity to drive results through your team.

You are able to more broadly understand your context, identify what is happening in the moment,  learn how to re-center into the present moment in order to choose whether you act upon an issue, remain still and collect more information, or simply decide that inaction is the best decision in that moment.

And you begin to realize that along with creating a better version of yourself, you have the opportunity and responsibility to accelerate the growth of your team, which in turn, allows you the ability to move into a more strategic role, and stretch into new opportunities with a new range of vision.