Executive Core

Executive Core is one of the world’s top Talent Management and Team Development firms, serving a host of organizations including multinational corporations, universities, non-profits and governments. Using best-of-breed methodologies, technologies and assessment tools, we work closely with you to transform your top talent and teams into the high impact, game changers they need to be.

Through cutting-edge methodologies, technologies and assessment tools, Executive Core guides your key talent through every stage of the talent management process – development and implementation of Talent Management Strategy, Executive Education, Executive Coaching, Team Building, Enterprise Education and Assessment. We measure progress and refine curriculum to ensure individual and team success.

Presence-Based Coaching®

Leaders, and their coaches, need integrative tools and approaches to help us become what the world is asking us to be.

Presence-Based Coaching® draws from the fields of mindfulness, somatics, developmental psychology, complexity theory, leadership, and interpersonal neurobiology to offer an emergent synthesis of the most potent approaches to developing leaders on the planet.