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“What got you here ....isn’t going to get you there.”

I invite you into a guided discovery to explore your leadership potential. If you’re at an inflection point in your career you could benefit from working with a leadership coach. Schedule a complimentary discovery session to learn more.

‘Be curious! Stay curious! Make new meaning!’

— Joy Lubeck, MBA, ACC


Several years ago, I launched into my own journey of change and transformation, and was lucky enough to work with gurus in the leadership coaching world who supported my growth and development.  I came out on the ‘other side’ with a new view of the world, fully committed to accelerate the development of the human potential in leaders and teams, and to create positive organizational and societal impact in this world. 

No reason for you to wait and miss the opportunity of fulfillment.

Embrace the opportunity to live a rich and happy life, filled with less anxiety, increased confidence and clarity in order to become a role model of how leaders are able to be their authentic self- just a better version!


Next Level Leadership Formula

You increase your self-awareness (the #1 predictor of executive success) and your ability to become more nimble, more adaptive.

You begin to create new habits which serve you and others much more in this new world of leadership.


My Clients

I work with leaders who are at an inflection point in their career- that is to say- they have made a great mark in their organization due to their expertise, experience; they are able to drive for results and meet or exceed their goals as an individual contributor. And now, they are called upon to step up as a leader.

The shift from management to leadership is quite a leap!.